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Learn Kung Fu from Traditional Chinese Masters! Long and Short Term Study Programs Available In China!.....

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Kung Fu Experience

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Offers monthly intensive Martial Arts and Self Defence Training Programs In China!

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Steve Cross

Managing Director, Kung Fu Experience Ltd


Main Site

See where Wong Fei Hung was born, Where Grandmaster Yip Man developed Wing Chun, and where Bruce Lee Lived!

Most importantly, you will be trained by traditional Chinese Masters.

You will also get the opportunity to learn Chinese, including gaining experience teaching English, for those interested.

We also offer Yoga classes. Martial Arts requires core strength and flexability. It is also nice to stretch out those aches after heavy sessions!


   Learn Kung Fu!                            Study the Styles!                                    Teach English!

                                                                                                                                      & Learn Chinese



1- Kun Yu Mountain Martial Arts School




Learn the Northern Styels of China:   


              Shaolin, Mantis, Sanda, Bagua, Tai Chi, Baji, Qi

              Gong, Mandarin, Buddhism Theory, Accupuncture,

              Massage - All here!


Please just 'contact us' with any inquiries, or what it is you are looking for from your Martial arts training/adventure to China, and I will put together a training package to best suit your needs. Or if you just want general information on Martial Arts, or traveling China (based on my experience) - then we are happy to help.


2 - Foshan (Southern Styles of China)

The course is mainly based on Wing Chun, but will also Include Hung Kuen and Wushu techniques.

As well as the practical external training, we also encourage students to take advantage of the internal training with our Tai Chi Master. This will include Qi Gong exercises.

Some classes will include weapons training for those interested.


We have a large Training facility located in a scenic park in Foshan , which has use of a nearby running track. 


The Location


The school is located in Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. Its nearest main City is Guangzhou which is the capital of Guangdong, (formally known as Canton).


Those of you who are familiar with Kung Fu history will know that this is the home town of the late Grandmaster Yip Man, whose Wing Chun style is followed by many Masters all over the world.

0800 112 3069 - It is also the birthplace of the famous and legendary Wong Fei Hung, which many Kung Fu movies such as Once Upon a time in China, Drunken Master, Iron Monkey and many more have been based on. Bruce Lee also lived here for a long period, and there are many other Kung Fu related things to see here.

The Kung Fu museum is a definite must see! for all martial art followers. They hold incredible martial arts displays, the traditional lion dance, and amazing Chinese acrobatics. You can also read up on the history of Kung Fu and many great masters. Entrance is very cheap and I would urge anyone (even if you are not training at our school) to visit this Museum.



Student referals. If you refer a student to any of our Schools you will recieve a 10% reduction (per student that you refer) on your overall fee. So bring just 5 of your freinds and thats half price training for as long as you stay!

Club owners / Instructors etc - Bring just 10 of your Students to any of our Academy's or Schools and you will Train for Free for as long as you are all here! (1 Free place per 10 students refered).

The Training
You will be taught a range Kung Fu styles by traditional Chinese Masters. Mainly Wing Chun, Hung Kuen, and Wushu. This has been set up in a way to teach practical techniques to beginners and advanced students. You will have the opportunity to be graded on what you have learned at the end of the course. You will obtain a certificate from a recognized Kung Fu organization. There is a daily training program which is compulsory to obtaining a certificate upon completion, however we also offer optional classes of Qi Gong.

Fitness is a very important aspect of martial arts, so this is heavily concentrated on at the beginning of every morning and afternoon session.

The Accomodation
The rooms all have air conditioning as China can be very hot in the Summer!
The rooms also have a TV and ensuite bathrooms.

Training can be intense and tiring so time to contemplate, share comments on what you are learning, relax and socialise is also important. So there will also be a public area to socialise, eat, watch TV or play video games in the evenings or on Sundays when there is no training. We also offer CHINESE MASSAGE every Sunday afternoon at a local masseuse to sooth those muscles from the weeks training, and have you nice and refreshed ready for the week ahead!

Train Kung Fu in China!