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About Us - 0800 112 3069
Company history
Kung Fu Experience was set up in Febuary 2007
by myself - Steven Cross,
and my business partner - Stuart Adlam.
We are part of the Foshan Chinwoo Athletic Association which is a well recognized organization, and has schools all over the world.
Directions & Information
Those who can afford the extra flight fare can fly direct to Guangzhou airport which is very close to Foshan. There will be buses/trains direct from the airport and we can meet you there on your arrival.
But the cheapest way is to fly to Hong Kong. From there you will catch a bus and cross the Shenzhen border (stamping your visa/passport) then continue on to Foshan. We can meet you at Foshan bus/train station when you arrive.
Those interested will recieve full directions/instructions and advise in our welcome pack
For the Northern Schools, you need to fly to Beijing (you can also fly to Shanghai) then take a train or plane from Beijing to Yantai. we can meet you at Yantai Airport or train station for no extra cost. 
Flights can be aranged for group bookings, or subject to availability.
Not included: - Students must arrange their own flights and Chinese Visa.
Flight prices will vary but when I last flew out I got a return to Hong Kong (then its a 4 hour journey to Foshan) for £370. But obviously it is best to book well in advance and shop around!
A tourist visa will cost around £30

Student referals. If you refer a student to any of our Schools you will recieve a 10% reduction (per student that you refer) on your overall fee. So bring just 5 of your freinds and thats half price training for as long as you stay!

Club owners / Instructors etc - Bring just 10 of your Students to any of our Academy's or Schools and you will Train for Free for as long as you are all here! (1 Free place per 10 students refered).

We also have a position for a partner available, earn 50% of all KFE profits! Contact us for more information!



(Gags from UK next to the biggest Wooden Wing Chun Dummy in the World! - at our Wing Chun School in Foshan - China) 

Customer testimonials
I have traveled China training in different Kung Fu schools/academy's that offer accommodation as well. So I would like to think that I have a good idea of what students are looking for.
I feel I have catered for this.
We as a team have been back to China regualry to check up on the Schools and how students that we have sent there are getting on.
Our students are covered by the saftey net of a UK Ltd company to secure their trip, and ensure that they will get the best experience for what they are persoanlly looking for.
I have heard stories of people traveling to China independantly and getting cheated or ending up somewhere that fails their expectation.
This is why we offer this service. I am interested in Chinese culture and I love Kung Fu. I dont want Chinese culture to be depicted in this way, and I aslo want to help more people to experience what I and many others have.
We are only associated with Schools that I have trained in and I have recieved positive feedback from other students about.
We have had articles printed in UK Martial Arts Magazines and look toward producing a program/documentry in China next year.
(please view ' Student Feedback')
Gags from UK.
He is currently in our Foshan Martial Arts School training Chinese Kick Boxing and Wing Chun.
Here you can see him training Wing Chun with Master Lu - an instructor of Yiu Choi lineage
Master Lu teaching his Students (including Gags)
Here you can see Gags teaching English in a local college between his training.
We also offer this to Students who want the experience. See our 'Teach English' Page.
Train Kung Fu in China!